Craft Malt Vinegar

Vinegar???  Isn’t that what happens when beer goes bad?

Well yes…and no.  Poorly made vinegar happens by accident, quality craft vinegar is made through a dedicated process under specific conditions.

Here at Aldus we are always looking for new opportunities to challenge our creativity and use our knowledge to make great products.  Our Craft Vinegar starts life as a craft beer, acetobacter is then added to begin the transformation into vinegar.  The young vinegar is then transferred into oak barrels to begin the aging process.  Using the Solera method of aging, newer vinegar is blended with older vinegars resulting in a unique balance of sharpness, smoothness and bold yet subtle flavors.

The final product is a true malt vinegar with flavors usually found in aged balsamic.  Use it in salad dressings, glazes, BBQ sauces, or as an accent on your favorite dishes.  Malt vinegar is not just for French Fries anymore!

Recipes That Use Our Craft Malt Vinegar