Aldus Manutius

Aldus Manutius, was a 15th Century Venetian printer. At that time only the clergy and very wealthy could afford printed books. Aldus felt that quality literature  should be available to the masses.  Before Manutius, publishers rarely printed volumes in Greek, mainly due to the complexity of providing a standardized Greek typeface. Aldus wanted to produce Greek texts for his readers because he believed that works by Philosopher Aristotle were pure and should not be unadulterated by translation.  He commissioned the creation of typefaces in Greek and Latin resembling the humanist handwriting of his time; typefaces that are the first known precursor of italic type. 

By creating the italic type this allowed more words per page, therefore making a smaller  inexpensive book of the same quality and literature. Bound in Vellum it read like the modern day paperback. This led him to reach an entirely new demographic who would not of had access to it previously.  

Manutius’s Motto was “Make Haste Slowly.”  To do things the proper way instead  of hurriedly and heedlessly; to see urgent things through in a thorough manner.  We try and use that same philosophy while crafting our beer, making an approachable and accessible quality brew. We are not trying to change the product but rather create a beverage that anyone can simply enjoy.